Praise from three families

Rick Ganulin is somone I was lucky to meet. I was desperately looking for help for my disabled son. I was fortunately provided his name as "someone who may be willing to take on your case." I've never once regretted my decision to hire Rick. He cared more about what was right and the atrocities my son was facing than he did about money. I not only gained a huge amount of respect for Rick I now call him and his wife "family."
Clermont County.
Words cannot express how grateful and happy my family is with the outcome Rick helped us achieve on behalf of my son with disabilities. Having Rick represent us through the whole process was like knowing you weren't alone in the dark. He is not only very good at what he does. He is truly a remarkable person.
Hamilton County.
We placed our son's future in Richard's hands. He not only significantly improved our son's life but through patient explanations we as parents became stronger advocates for our son. There are no words to describe his love, compassion, and advocacy for special needs children or the love and gratitude we have for him. Richard is truly one of a kind and we are extremely blessed to have this wonderful man in our lives.
Richland County.

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